Monday, October 6, 2014

An Update: The Man on Top of the World

I'm going to be open and transparent about something, lovelies, in regards to The Man on Top of the World. After I'm done rewriting/self-editing the book, I'm going to shop around for a new publisher for it, and for its sequel, All That Glitters. Basically, I just think this book deserves better. It was accepted from a publisher well over a year ago. This January, that would make it two years. And...still, there's no book out, and I feel like it has been strung along by the publisher long enough. Granted, this book really does need more TLC that I can now confidently say that I have the ability in doing right now, but still. Obviously, the contract has long expired and is now void since the book hasn't been out a year after its acceptance date. The same goes for All That Glitters; by this November, the contract will be expired since it has been a year since acceptance. I've been very patient, more than patient, really, and now it's time to move on. It's not fair to me, the books, or you guys to be strung along any longer than it has already. So yes, that does mean that the wait will be much longer for all of you that have been and are still waiting for some 1970's glam rock romance erotica action, my "glitterotica" as I call it. I'm hoping that by January the book will be polished enough for me to feel that it's ready to be sent out to a new publisher. If it takes longer than that, so be it, but naturally, I will keep everyone updated on its progress. Thank you to everyone for being so patient, kind, supportive, and just wonderful. The Man on Top of the World is coming for you soon.

You just have to wait just a tad bit longer ;). Love you all, and keep being awesome!



  1. Well said, darlin', well said. :)

    1. Thank you, Cari. It feels good to just put this out there. ;)