Sunday, October 5, 2014

Brand New Character Change: Roxanne Foster Shengyi

As y'all know, The Man on Top of the World has basically been taking over my heart and brain all year (basically longer than that). I know a lot of people are still waiting for it. Even though by now it should be out, it's a blessing really that it's not out yet. To sum it up, rewriting this thing has truly been an exercise in discipline for me. Not only on enhancing my writing, but fleshing out a lot of areas that weren't there before when I originally wrote this as a short story. Now, it really is a novel, and I'm so excited to continue working on this until it's as polished as I can possibly make it. I'm not trying to rush through the editing process, but I'm not going to lie, I really can't wait for this to get published. There are many new characters, minor, yes, but they still matter. The biggest change was on the third key player, Roxanne Foster Shengyi. I just found out tonight that Shengyi has many meanings, but two of them are very coincidentally telling. The Chinese character for shēng means to be born, to give birth, life, and to grow. The second Chinese character for yi means meaning, wish, and desire. It's so fitting! I also found some "pic-spiration" for how I envision Roxanne these days.

This is Japanese-American model/actress, Devon Aoki. She exudes Roxanne's look and style in my mind, and these pictures are glam-rock ish, so I'm feeling it. I'm not sure who the model is in this picture, but this I can picture being Roxanne's look outside of the glam rock scene.

I'm finally at the part of the book where I can start fleshing out Roxanne's character from her Chinese-American background, talents, and such. I'm going to be hush hush for the most part about what else I'm concocting with this book in making it better, so this is all y'all will get! For now, anyway! :p hehe.



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