Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I'm not the most holiday happy person in the world (to be honest, I loathe the holidays), but there's something about Halloween that I really enjoy. It's the ear candy that I enjoy more than actual candy!

Here are my top 10 favorite Halloween-themed or Halloween-ish songs:

10. "The Ghostbusters Theme Song"

Who you gonna call? 

This song is so cheesy that it is more than right. It is PERFECT!

9. "This Is Halloween" - from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Oh yeah. Still chillingly good.

8. "La M├ętamorphose de Mister Chat" - Dionysos

Monsters in Love is one of my favorite albums from this awesome French band, Dionysos. As the album title implies, the theme is about, well, monsters in love. This song is one of their best.

The best line: "It's hard to be a cat in this fucking town!" 

7. "I Put A Spell On You" - Screamin' Jay Hawkins

This is basically a jazz staple, most famously recorded by Nina Simone, but this is the original song sung by the incomparable howler and crooner, Screamin' Jay Hawkins. This man is so underrated, and maybe was too "out there" for his time and even for this time. But c'mon, what's not to love about the chilling line: "I put a spell on are MIIINNEE!"

6. "The Trial" - Pink Floyd

From Pink Floyd's magnum opus, The Wall. It may not be Halloween, but the song/video sure is surreal, frightening, and crazy. It gave me chills when I ever first saw it. And it still does!

My favorite line: "Crazy, toys in the attic, I am crazy." 

5. "Superstitious" - Stevie Wonder

One may not think of Halloween when they think of Stevie Wonder, but when you really listen to this song, it is kind of spooky with the way he pleads for us to avoid broken mirrors, walking under ladders, and how believing in things that we don't understand can do more harm than good. Plus, even the funk and groove of this is kind of scary and pretty insane, like Stevie's talent ;) .

4. "Scream Like A Baby" - David Bowie

I always thought of all songs on this David Bowie classic album, Scary Monsters, that "Scream Like A Baby" is the most chilling (and brilliant). The way his voice is sped up in the middle of the song and the register changes from high to low in this frenzied way...definitely hits the spot for me!

3. "Get Out Of My House" - Kate Bush 

Kate Bush's voice may not be everyone's cup of tea. It is an acquired taste because yes, sometimes it can be grating and "too much" at times, but it is ethereal, an enigma in a way, and chilling when Kate Bush nails it just right. "Get Out of My House" from her classic The Dreaming album is one of my favorite tracks on it, and it's definitely one of Kate Bush's most crazy, wild, and spooky best.

2. "Science Fiction/Double Feature" - from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Those lips! Those teeth! It's not really Halloween without them, and this Rocky Horror Picture Show opening number!

1. "Thriller" and "Ghost" - Michael Jackson

Okay, so I had to tie this one, but it's by the same artist who doesn't need an introduction.

"Thriller" is obviously the KING of all Halloween songs, and the album of the same name is the KING of all albums, being still the #1 best selling record of all time. It's next to impossible to not hear it somewhere on Halloween. It's a timeless classic that will live on forever, like MJ himself!

Another Halloween classic of his that's by no means as famous and far from being his most well-known, but I've always loved it, and that's Ghosts. It was his attempt at creating another scary short film in the Halloween/"Thriller" tradition. I think the reason why it never caught on or really got the love that it deserved was because at the time of its airing, Michael's image was going through hell fire. The dancing and music of course is brilliant, but what's more striking really is Michael's acting and the makeup. Michael once went out in public wearing the disguise as the fat, white mayor, and nobody recognized him. That's magic! This video is awesome and always puts me in the spirit.

What are your favorite Halloween songs? 

I DARE you to do a reactionary blog post/list of your favorite Halloween songs - that, or post your list in the comment section below. Why? Well, because I love knowing what people dig :). 

Have a safe and fun Halloween, everybody!



  1. So I usually have to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and Rocky Horror Picture Show (or play the full soundtracks of both) on Halloween. Other than that, some scary music I like is the theme song from the movie 'Halloween' and also some of the creepy tracks from 'Hellraiser' :-D Oh, and M.J.'s "Thriller" is always great, too ;)

    1. Yes, Nightmare and Rocky Horror are Halloween staples! I'm not big on scary movies (they make me laugh), but I sure do enjoy Halloween music. So much fun! "Thriller" is just so much fun to dance to :D.