Saturday, October 11, 2014

Here's Johnny!

As I'm already on to refining/editing Chapter 8 of The Man on Top of the World, I thought of refreshing y'all's memory of the narrator of the book, Jonathan Maxwell. The "pic-spiration" for him is Roger Taylor, the drummer of Queen. The only thing missing is that Jonathan has a more prominent dimpled chin, but otherwise, the look of "Johnny" emanates through these pics I found.

Johnny is just as fabulous, glam, and fashion-forward as Izzy, younger than him, but more mature.

But he loves to smile, joke around, laugh, and have as much fun as his "Captain."

And like Izzy, Johnny has a very serious, sometimes jaded, and "dark side". Don't we all?

He tries to be optimistic and see the bright side of life regardless :).

Izzy's music and his drumming is an escape for him.

And one of the greatest escapes of all for him and Izzy....drag!

So there's Johnny for ya in this nutshell. For now ;).


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