Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Man on Top of the World Rewrites Are DONE!

And I'll tell you what, I'm EXHAUSTED! ;) And I feel all sorts of feels, and the only way I can describe them are in these songs:

I think all writers feel this kind of overwhelming sense of relief, sadness, and excitement after finishing a major project that has taken up 2-3 months of our time or longer (in some cases, a few years!). Writing (or rewriting) a book is like being in a relationship, hell, maybe even more like a marriage. It truly is a commitment if you love it and believe in it enough to see it through to its logical beginning and conclusion. It's not always easy. There are doubts, and in my mind, anyway, every book is a miracle. Not all stories "make it" through from the author's mind to a page, for whatever reason (that doubt, or writer's block, etc.). I'm glad that this one made it, and I did my best with it in the execution of the story and the characters. With The Man on Top of the World finished, there's that one question that all writers must ask themselves after finishing a novel: NOW WHAT? 

 I'm not really the "future" type, like I prefer just living in the moment, day by day, and taking each day at a time. But I will say that for now, I just want to RELAX, get back into working out (mostly focus on muscle building), watching movies, and read more, not just erotica but get back to my "roots" in classic literature! When/if The Man on Top of the World finds a new home with a publisher, naturally, you all (and my lovelies on Facebook and Twitter) will be the first to know! Until then, I just want to take it easy, and enjoy life a little bit more outside of my head/writing/world, hehe ;).


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