Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Brand New Agenda: December 2014

So hard to believe that it's December. Is it just me or did last month fly by in a blink of an eye?

I'm still taking it easy, and still so emotionally wiped from The Man on Top of the World, still kind of basking in the joy, thrill, and sadness of completing it and sending it to my dream publisher. No matter what the future holds with that, I'm so happy with it, and hope that it finds a new home soon!

What's next on the horizon?

On the author page, I'll be doing another takeover. Those are always fun, and I love how involved everyone is! This will be where I'll be sharing on the page from December 19th-25th their favorite Christmas songs with a meaning behind why they love that song or those songs so much.

If anyone here wants to participate in on that, simply send me a private message on the page with your favorite Xmas song, why you love it, and a YouTube clip of whichever version of that song that you like. So far I've had 3 people send me something, and was very touched by their song choices/stories. The more songs, the merrier, almost literally! :D

The next book that I'm going to read/review is from Penthouse. This should be sexy!

And I'm really hoping that I can get deeper into working out some more, but not going to lie, it's really frustrating and a challenge with this super cold New Jersey weather! I know that's an excuse basically, but it's the truth, but I will do my best in trying to bulk up more muscle on me :).

And lastly, I might respond to an anthology call or two, but sending old/not yet acquired stories. We'll see! A part of me just feels like I could/should take the rest of the year off from writing and just get back to enjoying myself, connecting more with my followers, actually socializing on social media, and just keep taking it easy until whatever inspiration somewhere speaks to me. For the start of the new year, that might be the time where I'll start writing more short stories than focusing on one major manuscript (novel). For now though, this is all!


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