Friday, January 30, 2015

Book Review: Ice Demon

Title: Ice Demon

Author: Elizabeth Watasin

Publisher: A-Girl Studio

Genre: Steampunk, Victorian, Action/Adventure

Length: 104 pages

Published: October 22, 2014


“Thee, of stars”

A ship of dead with iced men who shatter; The Terror sails into the Port of London during England’s worst winter, bringing insidious ice fog and a hidden killer. Secret Commission agents, Artifice, the artificial ghost, and Jim Dastard, the animated skull, track their murderer to the frozen Thames’ Frost Fair, only for Art to discover a deadlier danger—one involving the women she holds dear. A steampunk, gaslamp and horror mystery set in the world of the Dark Victorian series.


Art and Jim Dastard are back in the always so dark and delicious Dark Victorian universe! And this time, they're faced with a murder mystery that's as icy as the ice demon. If one isn't familiar with Elizabeth Watasin, you'll see how this short and sweet but oh so exciting and fast-paced novella will showcase her many talents, one of them being that she sure knows how to grip the reader with her out-of-this-world imagination. And most of all, it's her characters that always pop out of the page, always so witty and animated. Ice Demon is no exception; it has all the charm that you expect from Elizabeth. Yes, the nature of this story is dark and filled with menace and intrigue, but it's balanced with many whimsical moments that will tickle the funny bone. I always feel like I don't say enough about Elizabeth's story within a review, and that's only because I really don't want to ruin all the fun and surprises that await for the reader. All I can promise is that if you're a fan of steampunk, mystery, and action, you'll get a kick out of this book and the series as a whole. If there's only one negative thing that I can say about this one is that it's too short! But it certainly whets the appetite for the next book in the series, Everlife. And I'd recommend reading the other books in the series first before diving into this one, so to better see how the plot thickens and how the characters and their relationships develop. Once you do, you'll be hooked, and it will make reading Ice Demon all the more fun - and rewarding.

Rating: 5


  1. Very interesting review. I've never heard of this series before now, but I definitely want to give it a try.

    1. Go for it! :D Here's Elizabeth's website: