Saturday, January 10, 2015

It's Oh So Quiet (In A Good Way!)

So it has officially been 9 weeks since I've taken a break from writing (with exception to the reviews, blog posts, and author page posts, which have been many, hehe). I'm kind of amazed how fast time has flown. Not surprisingly, I really don't have that "itch" to write anything new. There will be a few short story publications this year, but as far as anything major, right now, I'm only resting on finding a home for the glam rock novel that some of you already know about and can't wait to read ;). Whether it finds a home sooner or later, I'll look forward to working on its sequel, and I'm feeling a third book on the horizon too, but for now, I've stepped back, and just letting the waiting game run its course. I have the patience of a saint! All in all, I'm just very, very quiet. Oh it's oh so quiet...

And that's not a bad thing at all! I'm enjoying all this quiet, actually. I've been getting a lot of reading, movie watching, and music listening done. I almost forgot how much I missed just absorbing many new books, films, and music like a sponge. I still don't have all the time in the world, but I do have time to make time for them now, and I'm loving the luxury! The Criterion Challenge so far is a lot of fun. I'm glad that some people are taking notice of it and have seen some of the movies that I've watched/reviewed so far. The LGBT film reviews seem to always catch the attention of my followers on my author page. I've been getting a lot of non-erotica reading done. I will have a lot of books to review for Cleis Press/Viva Editions in the future. Wayward Ink Publishing so far has been so fabulously professional, and the editors have been such a pleasure to work with! "No fuss, no muss" is basically how it's been with this publisher as a whole, and I love them for that.

So this year may not be the year of being prolific. I want to keep it that way. Unless an anthology call speaks to me in the future (like it has to be a very unique theme, something that I seldom see or have never done before), I honestly want to take a hiatus from writing short stories, and focus more on getting at least one book of mine out to the world this year. Well, maybe not have one published, but at least have one book acquired/sold to a publisher. Just one! That's enough for me. We'll see!



  1. Sounds like it's Input time for you. Gotta have equal parts Input and Output as any sort of artist - it's all about that balance of inspiration/creativity!

    1. Oh yes! Balance is key! Too much Output just puts me out of my mind lmao.