Monday, January 19, 2015

March Madness!

It's only three weeks into January and a lot has been going on in my life, all good, and fun!

I don't talk about my day job (I just don't feel it's anybody's business really), but I'm pretty excited on getting a new job, and it will be in the field that I went to school for! I'm moving on up in the world!

This upcoming Wednesday, I'll be seeing the original Hedwig (John Cameron Mitchell) perform at Broadway's Belasco Theater. I saw Neil Patrick Harris's Hedwig last year. He was fabulous (and a nice and fun guy, I've met him twice, once at a gay cabaret club/restaurant and after the show, total sweetheart). But to see the original Hedwig, on opening night, and front row, I'm chuffed!

But the real mind orgasm will be on March, where it will be all about my most favorite artist of all time, Björk!

She'll be releasing her new album, Vulnicura, and she'll have a Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) exhibit, and she'll have a book out around that same time, and she'll be performing at intimate venues in NYC! I'll be going to her Carnegie Hall shows, and I'll be seeing her FRONT ROW at City Center. This will make it the 5th, 6th, and 7th time that I'll be seeing her in concert! And naturally I'll be seeing her exhibit either before or after those concerts, and see it many more times most likely. And of course, I'll be buying that book too. Obviously, I'm an enthusiast of Ms. Goddess Sparkle ;).

Not sure what else the future will hold, but so far, 2015 is so fun and promising!



  1. Wow, you've got the best year ever ahead of you! Congrats on your new job. Bjork is awesome! I didn't know she had a new album coming out! And you already know how excited I am for you to see the original Hedwig creator in his famous role once again! I expect a fully detailed blogpost about how awesome the play is!!

    1. I sure will, as detailed as i can possibly make it hehe. And thank you! I'm pretty excited about the new job :D. The year so far ain't too shabby hehe.