Friday, February 6, 2015

The Pleasure Is All Mine

Bonus brownie points if anyone can guess the Björk album reference of this blog post's title ;).

As everyone probably knows by now, I'm a shameless Björk fan, and this year is a pretty generous year to be one. I'll be attending all of her Carnegie Hall concerts, and I'll be front row for her first New York City Center concert. Naturally, I'll be seeing her retrospective MoMA exhibit too!

(Photo by Andrew Thomas Huang, taken from New York Times interview)

To celebrate all this excitement, and just for fun, I'll be watching and listening to basically every Björk DVD and CD that I own (which is over 38 stuff all together!). Basically, for one of my book shelves, the top shelf is just her works. This isn't counting the remixes/b-sides, singles, collaboration CD's with other artists, and her albums with Tappi Tíkarrass. I have all of her solo records (including her first album when she was 11 years old), soundtracks, 2 greatest hits compilations, live concert DVDs, music video DVD's/documentaries (not counting the South Bank documentary which has yet to be in print, but can be found on Youtube), all of her KUKL albums, and all Sugarcubes records including 2 'Cubes DVDs. In chronological order from her first album, KUKL, The Sugarcubes, and her solo records, I'll post for each DVD/CD that I get to, do a few fun facts, and maybe write a detailed review, or at least highlight why I liked or didn't like that DVD or CD (there aren't many DVD/CD's of hers that I don't like, but I know there are at least 3 that I didn't care for as much). I'm not expecting anyone to participate this with me or to even care for that matter, especially if you aren't a Björk fan, lol. If you are a fan though, and want to participate, by all means, that will make my fucking day! Regardless, I'm more than delighted to share and spread the joy/pleasure :).




  1. Wow, you are a super fan!! I have several of her albums. I discovered her in high school and had a mild obsession because she's so original and a true artist. Probably my favorite album is Vespertine, with Homogenic coming in close second. But I really like some of the tracks from some of her other albums, too. And her music videos are wicked!! X-D

    1. I discovered her in high school too! I knew who she was of course, but never listened to any of her albums, until I was in the record store one day and saw her Greatest Hits CD, and from listening to that, within that same week I basically bought all of her albums that they had available (Debut, Post, Homogenic, Selmasongs, and Vespertine), and all of The Sugarcubes records too, and from there, that collection grew over time :). So far I've seen 3 of her tours (Volta, Biophilia, and soon Vulnicura), 7 concerts counting the ones this year, and I met her once 2 years ago at her friend Sjón's book signing, best few minutes of my life having a brief chat with her, she's so nervous and soft spoken, truly as childlike, unique and original a person as her music is. She still amazes me. My favorite album from hers is Vespertine, but her new one Vulnicura just might be tied with it, it's that stunning and powerful :). Oh her music videos are wonderful! I can't get enough of that woman and her genius!

    2. Aww, that's extra cool that you got to meet her and she was so shy! She is truly a unique person. Nobody matches Bjork!