Thursday, March 12, 2015

Anthology Review: Best Women's Erotica 2015

Title: Best Women's Erotica 2015

Editor(s): Violet Blue

Publisher: Cleis Press

Genre: Erotica

Length: 222 pages

Published: January 13, 2015


Violet Blue proves that there’s no such thing as having seen it all—in Best Women’s Erotica 2015, she presents a volume of smart, seductive stories filled with characters who dive into sexual encounters with supreme satisfaction on their minds. A hacker finds himself in a predicament when he accidentally leaves his webcam on—and his female chat partner won’t let him off the hook. A female ghostwriter indulges a wealthy businessman, and he uses her for far more creative purposes than just writing—even loaning her out to his business associates. A woman becomes determined to find a dirty stranger to feel her up on the subway, and with the help of a clever and resourceful friend, she gets what she wants. From first-time scenarios to revenge sex, and from couples rekindling their spark to long-time partners engaging in game-changing experimentation, Best Women’s Erotica 2015 will introduce you to your new favorite fantasy.


Anthologies are a dime a dozen, so what makes Violet Blue's Best Women's Erotica 2015 special?

It's so outrageously fun, entertaining, and chock full of variety---not only in the fantasies explored, but in the storytelling. The pairings range from F/M, M/M, and F/F---from straight, lesbian, gay, and bisexual---and also a balance of vanilla sex to some more kinky ones. "There's something here for everyone" might sound cliche, but it's true: you'd be hard pressed to not like a few, or a whole lot, of stories in this wonderful anthology. Naturally, like with every anthology known to man, some stories you'll adore and be hot and bothered for while others will leave you cold or not interested according to your taste. For the most part though, the majority of the stories here are so good and so sexy, like Valerie Alexander's scorcher, "The Ghostwriter," Annabeth Leong's sensual "Click-Click-Click," Lana Fox's naughty "Groped," Rachel Kramer Bussel's amazing "The Kissing Party,"  Alison Tyler's delicious "A Not-So-Subtle Spice," and JT Louder's daring "Triplet Trouble." The language that speaks volumes in every story is not only really, really hot sex, but the endless possibilities that a really raw connection between two or more people can bring---and where and how it all happens makes it all the merrier too. 

This is the type of anthology that you'd want (and very well should) read in public for everyone to see, and hopefully ask what you're reading. There's nothing shameful about it: Best Women's Erotica 2015 is shamelessly sexy, sophisticated, and lovely, and deserves to be bought, read, and then flaunted with pride. 

Rating: 5

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