Friday, March 20, 2015

OUT NOW: Encore

Here's my first ever release with Wayward Ink Publishing, and it stars my M/M short story, A Night at the Opera.

Anthology Description:

An anthology about musicals… with a twist.
Who can resist a musical?
We at Wayward Ink certainly can’t!
Boys and Girls, go don your tux. Slink into your gown. Strap on your heels. Dust off that tiara and wrap yourselves in a feather boa!
Come celebrate the extravaganza with us!
Waltz through ten short stories inspired by some of the world’s most popular musicals.

Here's the blurb for my short:

Rick never cared for opera.
He thought opera singers were old, outdated, and fat.
That was until he met Giovanni, an opera singer who’s far from that!
No. Giovanni is statuesque, young, refreshing, and beautiful.
Giovanni opened Rick’s mind to a new world, and Rick’s first ever opera experience definitely wasn’t going to be his last.
But little does Giovanni realize that Rick will open his mind to a new experience too…

And so far, the anthology is getting positive reviews from:

Rainbow Gold Reviews 

Saguaro Moon Reviews

Bike Book Reviews  

A Night at the Opera has been given 5 stars by Bike Book Reviews:

"Sexy opera at its best! Love this one!"




Enjoy, and HAPPY READING, everyone!


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