Monday, March 2, 2015

Team Max!

Last Tuesday, I went to the RuPaul's Drag Race premiere party in NYC, and boy, it was so much fun, the best premiere party by far. After seeing ALL the queens of season 7 perform, and meeting a few before the show, there's really just one queen that I'm rooting for the most, and that's...

                        MAX MALANAPHY

If you think that she's absolutely gorgeous here, in person, my goodness! She's like a goddess. 

But on top of her beauty, she really is a sweetheart. While I was waiting in this swanky hotel at the lobby, out of nowhere, coming out from the elevator, was Ms. Malanaphy herself! And I couldn't help myself but to run up to her to say hello and to let her know how much I adore her. She was so funny and approachable. After her show, we got to meet again, having another lovely chat. And then on Facebook, we had another chat with just words, but it really does feel like she's already an old friend. 

Drag can mean a lot of things to many people, depending on how you define "drag." I personally see it as an artform, an illusion and an extension of one's self that is opposite of their boy or girl self, or however gender someone sees themselves. Typically it's an exaggeration, that it is, rooted from one's imagination. The bigger the queen's imagination, the lovelier her drag. What I love about Max is that she is classic Hollywood glamour and vintage chic topped with a dollop of goth for good measure. As far as her "look" goes, I also see that she's channeling Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Davis. 

And I even get a Mary Poppins vibe from her, if Mary Poppins was in a Tim Burton movie, or if she had fallen down the rabbit hole into Wonderland (but I guess it could be both!):

I even see a lot of Dita Von Teese in Max too: 

And yes, there's more about her: she's a conceptual queen, AND...she can sing!

I really hope Max makes it far into the competition. She may seem shy and modest, but I have a feeling that she has a lot of tricks up her sleeve. Whether she makes it to the top on the show or doesn't, I'm confident in her that she'll be a hit with viewers and fans and will do a lot of amazing things long after her season is over. Here's hoping! But for now, may the best!


  1. Wow, she is gorgeous! I keep meaning to sit down and watch this show. I'll have to at least check out some of Max's videos.

    1. This new season just started, so you haven't been missing out on much, and you can watch the 1st episode on :). All the queens this year are talented, but my heart's with Max. I admire her as a person and a queen!