Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Man on Top of the World: 3 Months Later

With spring break coming up soon, and after a long 3 month hiatus from writing, I'm starting to feel the itch to go back to The Man on Top of the World, just to read it and maybe tweak a few things, but for the most part try to enjoy it for what it is, for now. I haven't heard back yet from the publisher, but I know these things take time. And honestly, I'm still in no rush or hurry. I think I've said it here before but I'll say it again, I want to focus less on short stories/anthologies and focus more on novel writing. And I don't want it to be so much about publishing a book as quickly as possible. It's more about the quality of the work than the quantity of how many gets acquired and put out there. And for The Man on Top of the World in particular, I really want to work on it with a publisher I can trust, and where I'll know that it's in good hands. If all else fails, then self-publishing is an option too. I'm just keeping those options open. The only thing I know for now about where the future holds with this book that it's still mine to enjoy, and I hope that it will find a home soon for others to enjoy too.

When/if it does find a home, the next in its series will be All That Glitters, which is already written but needs to be rewritten and expanded in many areas, and there might possibly be a third that for now is called On the Rox, but as of now nothing is written in ideas, outline, etc. It's just a thought and idea for now. Until then, we'll see what the future holds for the series. Stay tuned!


  1. I'm also trying to focus more on full-length tales rather than shorts. And quality does take time. Can't wait for 'The Man on Top of the World' to find a home so I can read it! <3

    1. Yeah shorts are fun, but I love having a long term relationship with the novels, when I have the energy for them hehe. Quality is so worth it, and way more fun! Aw thank you love! I promise it will be worth the wait <3.