Monday, May 18, 2015

The End of an Era

I don't normally share publisher-related news, but this one breaks my heart:

Everyone in Cleis Press resigned, which means that a whole lot of authors (my friends), are left having no clue what's going on in regards to their current and future releases, contracts, and so forth, and Start (who bought Cleis) has yet to reach out to them. Rightfully so, a lot of people are freaking out, upset, and just in shock. I've been a fan of Cleis Press for YEARS and was a contributor to one of their Best Lesbian Erotica anthologies, and of course, I've reviewed tons of their books over the years as well. It's just so sad seeing a once thriving and respected independent LGBT press now crumbling into pieces. My heart's with everyone--Brenda, staff, authors, and editors---this is tough. 

More details about this news here and here.

This is officially the end of an era. No matter which new staff comes in to replace all that left, Cleis can't possibly be the same after this. Thanks for everything, Cleis Press, you Outwriter. 


  1. That's so crazy! Wow. Truly the end of an era.