Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1st In Review

Already, it's just the first day of June, and already, I have to look at it in review! Yes, it has been that wonderful of a day.

So, I woke up today with news that some of you know that I've been waiting half a year for:

The Man on Top of the World, that bisexual M/M glam rock romance novel that I haven't spoken about in a good while, has...found a new home! Which publisher/home it is...I'll announce later ;).

I will say this, though, that it's a respected, award-winning, and highly professional LGBTQI publisher, indie but mainstream-ish with a name well known enough that it has its own Wikipedia page. I'm shocked, and honored, that they want this book, truly.

Someone is having the best day ever (no, it's not only me, lol). It's..Caitlyn Jenner!

Beautiful. This is huge. And also record breaking, like, literally. In only 4 hours, Caitlyn made the most followers than any other person in history, beating even President Obama. The support has been overwhelmingly positive. Of course there are "haters," but they don't matter, not now, and not ever.

Welcome to the world, Caitlyn! No matter what, you are loved, and you are blessed.

Caitlyn has not only done something so amazing for herself, but for the trans community at large. We're proud. I'm very proud. We've come a long way. It doesn't end with her. A whole lot begins.

Not as major as the first two things on this review, but it's Marilyn Monroe's birthday today! Still the idol, one of my favorites for reasons that don't really need any explaining ;).

And lastly, America has a new Drag Superstar, and she's...


She wasn't the one I was rooting for originally, BUT...this queen is very talented, has got the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent, she's HOT, I love her BDSM meets glamour aesthetic, and she's so shamelessly bitchy, and she is NOT sorry about it. ConDRAGulations, Violet!

Oh, what a day, what a day, that feels so right.

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