Friday, June 26, 2015

Love Wins Today

When I woke up this morning, never did I think that I'd wake up to THIS:

My heart's full. We are all so lucky and blessed to be alive to see change sweeping America as beautifully and dramatically as this. This is more than about marriage equality. This is bigger than that. Think about all the children and families who are now EQUAL in the eyes of this country. And also think about all the LGBT allies who fought the LONG fight with us, swearing that they'd NEVER get married until gays get married, and now, they can, and it's their victory too. Today, history was made. America has evolved. And we can be very proud that it has finally happened. There are still many issues that LGBT people and this country will face in general, but today, we can rest. We can toast, we can hug our families and children, couples can kiss and make love, and everyone will be safe, happy, and well. Truly a beautiful day. Love has won. Love is king and queen.

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