Saturday, July 18, 2015

LGBT Movie Review: Gerontophilia

Synopsis (courtesy of Amazon):

18-year-old Lake discovers he has an unusual attraction for the elderly. Fate lands him a job at an assisted-living facility where he develops an intimate relationship with Mr. Peabody. Upon discovering that the clients are being over-medicated to make them more manageable, Lake weans Mr. Peabody off his medication and helps him escape, resulting in a road trip that deepens their bond.

My Review:

This is basically a gay version of Harold and Maude. Obviously, no movie of this ilk can be any darker and charming than the classic, but Gerontophilia does spin its own tale of a May/December romance that is poignant, sweet, and intimate as it is dark and at times disturbing. This movie has two major flaws: the lead, Pier-Gabriel Lajoie, is gorgeous, but he can't act, and secondly, Lake and Mr. Peabody's love story wasn't quite so believable. Lake confesses that he does fetishize over 80-something year old men, but then the story tries to turn into a love story, but that balance doesn't quite work. Mostly, it seemed like the fetish took over all of what could have been a much more romantic, deeper, and sweeter love story. The sex is more implied, however, and their intimacy is tastefully romantic. And when it isn't about the sex, I did buy their general bond, but not the love story. This film was surprisingly well-done at tackling a subject matter that most would find "ick." Yes, there is that creep factor, but NOT because of the extreme age gap, but because of Lake. This is called a "romantic comedy," but there's nothing comedic about it, the film is far too serious. I liked this, but only wished that Gerontophilia could have focused less on the fetish and more on how, against the odds, the men bonded and formed a deep romantic and sexual relationship. All in all, this film was surprising, has its flaws, but still truly refreshing and engaging.

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