Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August in Review

I can't believe that summer is winding down to a close, slowly but surely. I must say, this has been the fastest summer ever! Even though I've been kind of quiet on here, I've actually been doing A LOT.

Valves & Vixens 2 is FINALLY released. This one has my M/M/F/F/F dollification/human doll short story, "Be My Doll." This was one of my first steampunk/sci-fi-ish pieces that I've ever done. I'm fond of it, and hope some of y'all will enjoy it and this anthology in general:


:   http://www.amazon.com/dp/B012XZK7UM/ref=cm_sw_su_dp


: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-valvesvixensvolume2-1859608-356.html

I can't yet announce the acquisitions of that 1970's glam rock romance novel that so many of you have been waiting for, but that announcement should be soon. As soon as I get the green light from my new publisher (which I'm excited to announce that too!), I can finally spread the news. In the meantime, I will say, there IS an official final cover of it, and I'm done with my round of edits. Not sure when, but soon, I should be working with my editor on it sometime around late-Fall or so. And I've been quietly diving back into the sequel, rewriting most of it, and...it's becoming quite a journey so far. I won't say anything else about that one (just too soon to divulge), but I will say, for this first book, I'm beyond excited and can't wait for this to FINALLY be out in the world. But for now, it's still the waiting game for you (not so much for me anymore, hehe, whew!). I promise that the wait will be worth it!

In the meantime, this is what I'll have to look forward to for August, so far:

This week I'll be seeing one of my favorite queens, the Werqin Gurl herself, Shangela, at the Laurie Beechman Theater for her Country Fried Fish show. I've seen Shangela live so many times now that she knows me when she sees me hahaha, and we have a pretty nice Facebook relationship too.

I'll be hanging out with some friends that I haven't seen in a LONG time. It will be like a family reunion.

And lastly, on August 14th, I'll be seeing the unique, original, one of a kind Yoko Ono at one of my favorite museums in New York City, well, MoMA of course!

(This pic below is her posing with her newest piece, To Touch The Sky, at her MoMA exhibit). 

Needless to say, I'll be spending all day at MoMA to check out her exhibit again (must have seen it about 5 times now), and to probably visit Andy Warhol again, and so many more of my favorites, before I see this awesome lady rock on live at the museum's theater room.

And lastly (I promise this is lastly), I've been watching Caitlyn Jenner's docu-series, I Am Cait. I am still truly in awe of how Caitlyn has used this platform to not only talk about herself, her transition, and her journey, but to bring less privileged trans adults and trans youth into the spotlight to showcase what the trans experience is all about in its many diversities and uniqueness. And I also love how Cait is spotlighting important issues that greatly affect the community, like homelessness, suicide, murder, bullying, lack of employment, and that list can go on. And her website is also as fabulous. Look at all these resources that she has listed. And people say that she's not cut out to be a representative (the one of many) of the trans community:


I'm not too surprised that so many are against Cait BECAUSE she's part of the Kardashian clan and because she's rich and famous. I can understand the Kardashian thing (personally, I have nothing against them. They seem like a normal family to me), but you know, Cait's not the ONLY rich, high-profile trans celebrity who's making bank through TV shows, interviews, books, appearances, etc. (hello, there's Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, Chaz Bono, etc.) and ONLY Cait is called the "attention whore" for it. And all those naysayers and doubters aren't actually watching the show(s) and reading the interviews, and yet they feel so confident that she's doing so much wrong by the community, based on no research or effort done on their part to get to know Cait and to see, read, and watch what she's doing. Anyway, there's my rant about that. I Am Cait is a WONDERFUL docu-series. I highly recommend it!

Other trans docu-series (two of them, on mainstream/national TV!) that are worth watching are Becoming Us on ABC Family and Jazz Jenning's I Am Jazz on TLC.

The fact that we have not one, not two, but THREE trans docu-series on basic cable these days is pretty phenomenal and groundbreaking. I can go on, and on, and on, about how PROUD I am to be trans in this day and age where we're so visible to the world now. Naturally, of course, there's still A LOT of exclusion within the community and not enough visibility of intersex people like me (for example), and also non-binary/gender non-conforming trans people (like me), but...baby steps, but these are giant leaps! One day, I have a feeling that trans people from all different types of "other" genders will have their day and be visible in a world that's slowly but surely more embracing.

Until then, I'm enjoying this groundbreaking moments. 2015 - what a year! 

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