Monday, September 14, 2015

Björk Marathon: The Remixes - Homogenic

The transition from the "promiscuous, urban, and euphoric" Post to the loudly extrovert, emotional, and soul-bearing Homogenic was smooth, but the journey to get there was chaotic and life-changing for Björk. But it wasn't all doom and gloom at the same time. The heart of Homogenic is that it's "a love letter to Iceland." These remixes seem to reflect that spirit full-heartedly It's absolutely moving and breathtaking. Homogenic had 5 singles, and most of the remixes included in them are divine. It was hard to pick my most favorites since there were so many amazing ones, but here they are!

Jóga (Howie B Main Mix)

Remixed by: Howie B.

This "Jóga" is heavier on the beats and the strings. Absolutely stunning.

 Jóga (Buzz Water Mix)

Remixed by: Howie B.

This just might be my favorite "Jóga." It sounds so quiet and ethereal. It just moves me for some reason. It's like a whole other universe of sound that takes this ballad to a whole new level of beauty.

Immature (Björk's Version) 

Different from the album version, this "Immature" is a standout because of the piano and how it's just almost a capella-like.  

Bachelorette (Howie Spread Mix) 

Remixed by: Howie B.  

This "Bachelorette" is heavier on the strings and on the beats, even more dramatically cinematic.

 Bachelorette (Mark Bell Optimism Remix) 

Remixed by: Mark Bell

Now this is one powerful remix, extra-heavy with the cinematic-drama, beats, and strings!

Bachelorette (RZA Remix)

Remixed by: RZA

This is so RZA. The beats slowly build up to the climax. This is the closest thing probably that we'll get to hearing what those Björk meets Wu Tang Clan sessions must have sounded like.

Hunter (µ-Ziq Remix)

Remixed by: Mike Paradinas

This is one haunting "Hunter."

Hunter (Mood Swing Remix)

Remixed by: Mark Bell

 This "Hunter" is so adventurous!

All Is Full Of Love (Strings)

 Remixed by: Mark "Spike" Stent

"All Is Full of Love" is one of my favorite Björk songs of all time. This version is a heart melter.

All Is Full Of Love (Plaid Mix) 

Remixed by: Plaid 

This is possibly one of the best "All is Full of Love" remixes. It's perfect.

All Is Full Of Love (Guy Sigsworth Mix)

Remixed by: Guy Sigsworth

This is my personal favorite and my favorite remix of all the "All Is Full of Love" remixes. It's so magical, the horns sound so breathy, airy, and hallow, and the beats are accentuated to almost resemble a heartbeat.

Weren't these remixes breathtaking or what? 

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