Sunday, September 27, 2015

Björk Marathon: The Remixes - Medúlla

Next to Vespertine, Medúlla is my favorite Björk album ever! It's one killer record: it's ancient folk, glitch techno, contemporary classical pop, and just crazy avant-garde weirdness, very medieval and KUKL-spirited, an LP that only Björk could do and make it into a real one-of-a-kind experience. Of all the remixes/album eras, the remixes for Medúlla take the cake for me. Here are the stand-outs:

Oceania (featuring Kelis)

This collaboration is a unique one. Kelis and Björk are similar in that vocally they're very distinct, but genre-wise and musically, they're practically worlds apart. With this "Oceania," they unite and fuse as whole. Like wings, Björk lets Kelis's voice soar. Kelis's additional lyrics/ad-libs are beautiful:

I am the continent, working with the moon 
No one even knows me 
But I'm always cold and blue I revolve around the earth 
There are worlds of things within me. 
My belly's always full freedom's glides on surface 
Yes, my heart is deep within Nations dive and trust me 
Nations dive and trust me I lay them at my shores 
They dance with me in time.

When their voices combine at the song's finish: it's utterly dramatic, breathtaking, and epic.

 Who Is It (Bell Choir Mix) 

Remixed by: Mark Bell

This is the version/remix that was used for the "Who Is It" music video. I prefer this over the studio version. The bell choir adds such a joyful mystique about it.

 Who Is It (Choir Mix)

Remixed by: Mark 'Spike' Stent

This remix is incredible and inspiring. The looped vocals...the asteroid flashes...the break beats...from its ethereal slow-paced, introductory build-up to its awesome swooping conclusion. Amazing.

Mouth’s Cradle - Cortejo Affro/ Ilé Aiyé Mix 
(Production Co-ordination & Assistance by Arto Lindsay)

I love the drums! It makes this "Mouth's Cradle" more "bouncy."

Desired Constellation (Ben Frost's School of Emotional Engineering Mix) 

This one is so easy to be obsessed with. Another brilliant remix of many from this era. 

Triumph Of A Heart (Audition Mix)

Remixed by: Björk

This remix is just so much fun. Some of this remix is in the official music video and you can hear more of it in the "Making of Triumph of the Heart" mini-doc in the Medúlla Videos DVD. This "Triumph of the Heart" is more raw, in-your-face, kooky, and not annoyingly club-friendly. You can actually dance to this, drunk or sober, and have the time of your life because this remix is a party!

 Vökuró (VV Mix)

Remixed by: Gonzales and Feist

In sound, this is a Western meeting a gospel. Such a unique remix of an already unique song!

Mouth's Cradle (Recomposed by Ensemble)

Ensemble does it again with a remix that takes the song to a whole other planet. This one's flying.

Oceania (Piano & Vocal) 

Remixed by: Nico Muhly 

You can't ever go wrong with a "stripped" version with only Björk's voice and a piano. So pretty.

Desired Constellation (Choir Mix)

I love this version. I prefer it over the original in general. It's so freakishly beautiful and touching.

Where is The Line (Fantômas Remix) 

Remixed by: Fantômas

This "Where Is The Line" would be at home in a twisted ass movie or video game. It's wild, scary, haunting, and crazy! My love for this one doesn't end, like my never-ending love for Medúlla!


  1. This albums is a hard one to pick a favorite remix. I think I'll go with the very last one because it's appealing to my horror-fan side. It's intense!