Monday, September 7, 2015

Björk Marathon: The Remixes - Post

While Debut was a giant (and extremely successful) leap for Björk post-Sugarcubes, Post is what  catapulted her solo career. Post was a juggernaut of the 90's, so it's not surprising that Post is chock full of so many remixes (especially for "Army of Me" and "Hyperballad") that it's almost dizzying. I mean, after all, Björk had an entirely-remixed Post album called Telegram and later down the road (in 2005) there was a compilation of just "Army of Me" remixes (with proceeds going to UNICEF):

And not to mention, Post had SIX hit singles, the most singles that Björk has ever released to date.

As daunting as this may seem, well, it's my pleasure to do it! My favorite Post remixes are:

Cover Me (Cave Version)

Björk is no stranger to recording songs in some of the most unlikely places (like when she recorded "There's More To Life Than This" inside of a toilet at a club). This "Cover Me" was recorded in a cave. I love how you can hear the bats and the water dripping in the background as the song sounds kind of hollow and echo-y, which adds something extra special and unique to this lovely song!

You've Been Flirting Again (Icelandic)

What's not to love about Björk singing in her native language? Gorgeous.
Army of Me (ABA All Stars Mix) 

Remixed by: Mike D

This "Army of Me" is AMAZING. I LOVE the retro-sound of it with the horns, the quirky beats and bleeps, the kooky laughing, and the overall jazzy flavor of this "Army of Me" remix. As I've expressed before, the problem with most remixes of upbeat/pop/extroverted songs is that they are too busy, noisy, and obnoxious. Not this remix. There's a lot of style to this that I absolutely adore.

Army of Me (featuring Skunk Anansie) 

Remixed by: Skunk Anansie

If you thought that the original "Army of Me" was angry, THIS version just kicks ass. Björk's howls, growls, and wails on this "Army of Me" is insanely raw and out for the kill.

Isobel (Deodato Mix)

Remixed by: Eumir Deodato

This "Isobel" sounds just as good as the original! It's groovy.

Isobel's Lonely Heart (Goldie Remix)

Remixed by: Goldie

This "Isobel" was remixed by Goldie. So naturally, it's very trip-hop, and simply amazing.

You've Been Flirting Again (Flirt is a Promise Mix) 

Of all remixes from the Post era, THIS one is my most favorite of all. Yes, I love it that much. It sounds so cinematic and sweeping. For a song so simple, this version is beautifully complex. 

 Hyperballad (Brodsky Quartet Version)


One of Björk's most classic and brilliant collaborations was when she worked with the Brodsky Quartet. This version has transformed "Hyperballad" to an even more sweeping/emotional level.

Hyperballad (Girls Blouse Mix)

This is my favorite version/remix of "Hyperballad" It's so quiet, ethereal, and beautiful.

Hyperballad (The Hyperballad Fluke Mix) 

Remixed by: Fluke

Pure magic.

Hyperballad (Towa Tei Remix) 

Remixed by: Towa Tei

This is house music meets jazz. I love it.

Cover Me (Plaid Mix)

This "Cover Me" (by the wonderful Plaid, another frequent collaborator) sounds kind of spooky and eerie. When Björk sings "This is really dangerous..." you can practically feel the chills.

Possibly Maybe (Calcutta Cyber Cafe Mix)

Remixed by: Talvin Singh

"Possibly Maybe" is one of my favorite songs from Post. This version is a nice balance of the extrovert and the introvert side.

Possibly Maybe (Dallas Austin Mix)

Remixed by: Dallas Austin

I love the vibe and sound of this "Possibly Maybe." It's industrial meets the cinematic.

Possibly Maybe (Live at Wembley Arena)

The live versions of "Possibly Maybe" are always so gorgeous, and this is one of them.  

I Miss You (Photek Mix) 

Remixed by: Photek 

This is the best remixed of "I Miss You." The beats are so powerful!

I Miss You (Dobie's Rub Part One - Sunshine Remix) 

Something about Björk and hip hop goes together like banana and Nutella! So sweet!

Remixed by: Dobie Rub 

I Miss You (Dobie Rub Part Two- It's A Hip Hop Thing) 

Remixed by: Dobie Rub 

This "I Miss You" is as hot as Part One!

Hyperballad (LFO 3 A.M. Remix)

Remixed by: LFO

Beautiful. Pretty. Enchanting.

Is that enough Post remixes for you? ENJOY!


  1. I have to agree with you on the "You've Been Flirting Again" (Flirt is a Promise remix) being the best. It's amazing.

    1. I listen to that one all the time! It's too GORGEOUS!