Monday, October 26, 2015


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For most of my life I've been pressured to meet the gender binary, to be someone I'm not. We need more to break this cycle.

I don't need to be "fixed." I'm not "broken." I'm not an alien. I'm not a hermaphrodite fantasy. I'm a person. I'm me.

It was hard enough to be a kid and black, but intersex too? If existed then, I'd know what I know now: I am not alone.

I'm lucky. Living my truth is my . I don't have "normalizing" surgery scars. Those who do have to live with an injustice.

Isolation. Stigmatization. Fetishization. Fear. These don't have to be the center of our world. We have to rid of the shame.

Tweets of my Fellow Intersex People:

Jennifer Levine @jennlevine
I found out at 16 I couldn't have kids, at 27 I have XY chromosomes, and at 31 that I'm . We need , not surgeries.

I'm not a dyke I'm not transgender I'm not a freak nor am I with down syndrome I am Intersex I love Me :)

Amythest Schaber @AmythestSchaber
I am , and my body is perfect the way it is. No one gets to make me feel differently.

Kassidy Bartels@KLouisebartels
When I was 15 I had a doc tell me I had cancer so I would remove my internal testes because she needed to make me normal

Elena Hight@enhight89
When stop trying to trying to fit people into boxes and learn to accept, that's when we can all grow

Amanda Erb@mandaErb
Hard to trust docs when they only see your diagnosis and not you as a person. also callous questioning abt my body

Sean Saifa Wall@SeanSaifaWall
I want the medical community to be held accountable for the emotional and physical TRAUMA leveraged on intersex people.

 Amythest Schaber@AmythestSchaber
not surgeries! No child should ever have their body subjected to *unnecessary*, *painful*, *non-consensual* genital surgery

 Claudia Astorino@intersexgrrrl
what would the world look like if we stopped stigmatizing people and our bodies? we exist - celebrate us!

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