Friday, October 9, 2015

Super Duper Rare Q&A!

October 26th is Intersex Awareness Day!

On top of sharing intersex-related articles throughout that day and sharing some of my personal experiences on Facebook, I was thinking how much fun it would be to have a Q&A.

From now to October 26th, you can ask me intersex-related questions that you feel comfortable having me post publicly on 10/26 on my author page (and on here) and I'll give ya an honest answer. If for some reason you don't want your name published with the Q, I can say it's from "Anonymous" (I won't take it personally!). 

The only thing I will say as far as questions go, please refrain from asking me:

- Can I see pics of your genitals? (NO!)
- Can you get pregnant? (That's creepy)
- How do you pee, do you menstruate, etc.? (Um...why do you want to know?)

Yes, these questions have been asked before, and they're three of the most awkward, weird, and dehumanizing questions you can ask anyone but especially to an intersex person.

In the past, people on here have asked me lovely questions about dating, gender identity, pronouns, non-binary/non-conformity, and sex.

Let's make this fun, positive, and educational! I can't wait to see your questions if you have any. Also keep in mind: I'm only one intersex person. My journey and experiences won't represent all.

Ask away below or message me privately at

* Sorry that I have to add this disclaimer, but unfortunately I have to address to the authors: this is a Q&A, not an opportunity to plug your book where you have an intersex MC. People have done this only to not ask me a single question. NONE. Just to plug the intersex MC/book and run. That deeply bothers me. It was pretty much a slap in the face. So please, even if you're looking at this as "book research," keep this about real-life. This is about real intersex issues, and I and all intersex individuals are real people, so please keep this and treat us as such.


  1. Shared on G+. I guess I'll start things off with a question :) Do you find many religious (we'll say Christian) people in the intersex community given that the bible talks so much about gender roles and makes no mention of any third pronoun?

    1. Thank you, love, I really appreciate that! Very good question, thought-provoking :D.