Thursday, November 12, 2015

Don't Call It A Comeback: A True Return to Form

Missy Elliott dropped her new single and its music video today, and....

Watch "WTF (Where They From)" and you'll be reminded of this:

Missy Elliott is a genius. 

Seriously. This is no overstatement and yet this is an understatement. Missy Elliott has always been innovative, creative, and inspiring, and she continues to be in her first new song and music video in quite some time. It has been 10 years, but her absence hasn't let people forget this. And her.

Missy Elliott is all about female empowerment and sexual positivity in a no-shame zone. 

Missy's one of those few artists who has managed to do this consistently without shouting and screaming about it. She lets her songs and music videos send off that message. It speaks for itself. 

Missy Elliott's fashion game is a fierce one. 

The disco ball suit. The makeup. This is sick. Only she'd come up with something this wild.

Missy Elliott and Pharrell are making marionettes super-duper cool. Where can we buy them?

The music industry really needed Missy Elliott back. 

In an industry that's more or less pretty predictable and formulaic, Missy Elliott has always and so consistently amazed us. Just when we'd think that she couldn't possibly be more creative with her music and the videos, she blows us away. Missy makes our jaws drop, Missy's music puts a spell on us to where we never stop listening. Do we want to? Not really, because this is what we need.

Missy Elliott and Dave Meyers create magic together. 

They are the masterminds of why Missy Elliott's videos are beasts. Need I say more?

There are no such thing as comebacks.... 

Just a true return to form.

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