Tuesday, November 17, 2015


This is huge. This is important. This is something that we all need to realize:

Straight America needs to STOP thinking that HIV/AIDS only happens to gay people. It can happen to anyone. 

Now, the discrimination has to end, and we need to see this through an equal perspective. Anyone can be infected with HIV. We should show love, support, and empathy for anyone who does, regardless of their gender and sexual orientation. 

Charlie needs our love, not our laughs. No matter who's the butt of the joke, not everything is a joke. 

Straight or LGBT, we all have a status.

Stop the stigma, get tested, and don't be afraid - nobody is in this alone.

And lastly -

It's okay to have questions. It's not what's asked, but how you ask. We can all do the right thing.

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