Sunday, December 27, 2015


I just got back from seeing David Bowie's Lazarus!

He always wanted to do a musical and he totally did it with this project! It's everything that you'd expect from a Bowie musical: it's unique, cool, creative, and special. Everyone from the cast (the stars being Michael C. Hall, Cristin Millioti, and Sophia Anne Caruso), to the band (guitar 2/aux keyboard, JJ Appleton, drums, Brian Delaney, tenor/bariton sax, Lucas Dodd, bass, Fima Ephron, trombone, Karl Lyden, guitar 1, Chris McQueen, and synth/orchestration/arrangements, Henry Hey) were incredible. The plot was as trippy, random, and crazy as you'd also expect from Bowie and from the book and movie, The Man Who Fell to Earth, that this musical is based off of. Brilliant use of technology that immersed the audience and actors alike into the story. I was smiling the whole time to every Bowie song that was sung, many from his back catalog (like Life on Mars?, The Man Who Sold the World, Changes, Heroes, Absolute Beginners, and many others), some more recent ones (like Valentine's Day from his last album, The Next Day), one from his soon-to-be-released album ★ (Lazarus), and two more new songs (both absolutely gorgeous). I feel very lucky to be the one of not that many to been able to see the wonderful Lazarus, a one-of-a-kind show from a man who's a one-of-a-kind himself.

(The gorgeous poster in front of the New York Theatre Workshop)

(My ticket. I was front row - up close and personal!)

(The cast)

(Mini info about the book/movie, production hours (2 hours, no intermission) and a mention of the video performance by Alan Cumming). 

After the show on my way back to the F train, I went into this vintage clothing and record store (and when we're talking about vintage, they had rare Beatles records, fancy guitars, art books, etc. that cost in the $1000-$2000 range!), and there I found this super rare and super vintage Elton John Pinball Wizard machine!

Oh if only I were rich.


  1. That is so cool :) And that store sounds badass.

    1. The store was AMAZING (but you have to be rich to buy anything from there lol).