Friday, January 8, 2016

Blackstar: The Album

Released on David Bowie's 69th birthday is what is the first great album of 2016, the one and only...

Blackstar isn't David Bowie's "weirdest album ever" like it was first slated (or rumored) as being, but this is one hell of a spectacular, marvelous, breathtaking, and haunting futuristic jazz metal of a record. It's simply divine and sublime, a total knock-out. It's artful and experimental, yet immediate. Instantly, it all makes sense, and it's all so beautiful. Our spaceman is still ahead of the universe.

My favorite tracks are:

Girl Loves Me
I Can't Give Everything Away

If there's only one downside to Blackstar is that let's face it, it's a glorified EP. 2 of the songs are songs we've heard before, just re-done. So essentially, we have a new album with only 5 new songs on it. But truly, what a marvel all of them are. And the album packaging? Absolutely fucking gorgeous, spell-binding and hypnotizing, pulling us in as we try and decipher all the black writing on the black wall, almost unsure of where to start. Like the man himself and his music, it's a work of art. 

As are also the music videos for Blackstar:

What this record goes to show is that our quintessential give no fucks rock star is still king.

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