Friday, January 22, 2016

Her Story

This is what I've been waiting for, this is what I want to see more of:

Trans movies and shows made by trans people with a trans (and queer/lesbian) audience in mind.

Her Story explores the dating lives of trans women for queer women, queer women for trans women, and how through this intersection, they reach to an even closer understanding of their identities as trans and/or lesbian women. The beauty of this series - my goodness, there are many, starting with...

The reality of what it can be like for a trans woman to identify as lesbian and date in the lesbian community. 

Starting with the sad fact of the matter is: lesbian trans women are all too often excluded and aren't welcomed in the lesbian community, especially when it comes to dating. There's a lot of transphobia. For many, it boils down to that woman having a penis: does having her penis make her less of a woman? Does it make that lesbian less of a lesbian by being sexually and physically attracted to her? And what about self-acceptance: when that trans woman feels a shame with identifying as lesbian. In a world where for some reason, people (by default) think of a trans woman's sexuality as only straight/being attracted to only men, and never as bisexual, pansexual, or lesbian, it can really make someone feel out of place, where they can't win in either community where they're trying to belong.

Her Story explores this so realistically that honestly, it might bring a tear to your eye if you can personally relate or you have personally experienced this as a trans person. I could sure relate to it as an intersex and trans person. The realism of this was so absolutely true to life, in every single way.

To live stealth or to not live stealth?

This series explores that as well, in ways that's again - so realistic, so on point. When many of us trans people date, it should be simple, but it's not so simple. To live stealth or to not live stealth could be a deal breaker. It could start or end a potential relationship. It could even mean life or death.

The quality over quantity. 

6 episodes, only 7-9 minutes each, the last episode only 11 minutes tops. Not a lot of time, but each episode says so much and explores a lot in such a short time span. That speaks volumes about the heart of this show: that with authenticity, less is more and quality is love, that love is the message. And very needless to say, the trans and queer cast are a phenomenal group of talented people. The cinematography of this is top-notch, it adds even more of a glow to an already glowing show. Even the music is on key with the brilliance of this groundbreaking series. Everything here is PERFECT.

That's Her Story. Without giving a spoiler away, what I loved most about this series was how it didn't make trans into this BIG DEAL. The way that this show faced transphobia was remarkably refreshing. The feelings, oh yaas. Nothing was preachy. Everything was human - the trans and cis/queer characters alike and all the storylines and perspectives, from all the character's POVs.

Her Story gives me hope for the future of TV, film, and media when nurtured by the hearts, minds, and hands of trans and queer women, and also of how what a difference it makes when a trans story is told from the perspective of actual trans people, for trans people. The difference matters. It's powerful. For far too long, there has been that void, and finally, here it is: that void gone, filled.

The whole entire season is free and it deserves all the support in the world:
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  1. I'm so glad you recommended this to me! I thought it was very special and had a lot of heart, and I was especially excited to see a trans woman identify as lesbian!

    1. Yay, I'm glad you loved it!

      I'm loving that there are more trans films/shows that have trans lesbians, it makes me soo happy!