Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lazarus: The Single

The day before David Bowie's birthday and the release of his new album, ★, is the release of the music video for "Lazarus." Isn't it so wonderfully creepy, spooky, and haunting?

The lyrics are definitely semi-autobiographical. David has been a New Yorker for soo many years now. He makes some reference to when he had no money (hard to imagine, but David was broke post-Ziggy), to "when he had drama that can't be stolen." But still, he was living like a king.

He is still the Chameleon King!

He's the quintessential "no fucks" rock star, even at 68-going-on-69. It's just like him ;).

David has made a career out of the all-or-nothing approach to making music. Continuously, he has NEVER rested on his laurels, but keeps on pushing boundaries and being experimental ever onward.

What I love most about this music video in particular is the attention to detail with the symbolism.

Right away, the outfit he's wearing near the end, it's just like the one from his Station to Station days!

Notice the book that he's writing on 2:53 minutes into the music video? And the skull at 3:38? That all makes reference to Blackstar, so there's continuity here. Watch the videos back-to-back.

Makes a lot more sense, doesn't it?

And pretty clearly, the song in general seems to be David mocking himself (his rock star persona) and reflecting on death, not being at all afraid of it, but looking forward to the freedom of being free.

Kind of cheeky that he would put himself back in the closet, lol. Only our David Bowie!

What are your thoughts on "Lazarus"?


  1. I love it and I love the video! Love all the connections to other videos and prior works. And I love that he puts himself back in the closet! So much love!