Wednesday, January 6, 2016

LGBT Film Review: Boy Meets Girl


Ricky, a young transgender woman, seeks romance with Francesca - but may also be falling for her best pal Robby.

My Review:

Boy Meets Girl was so adorable that I almost couldn't stand it. It gets everything right straight from the get-go: it establishes that Ricky is a trans woman, but despite living in the deep South, she's accepted by her best friend Robby and is adored and loved by her little brother. When Francesca meets Ricky, she, too, is immediately accepting of Ricky despite being republican and having a transphobic fiance who's serving in Afghanistan. What made me gush most of all was how when Francesca had her questions for Ricky, everything about how those two communicated was flirtatious, making Francesca's curiosity and intrusive questions absolutely sweet, innocent, and caring. Ricky has her questions and curiosities about what it's like to have sex with a woman and she too is equally adorable in questioning the possibilities of her sexuality and of what's outside her experience, of potentially falling in love with a woman. And then there's Robby who's the golden example of a gentleman who treats all women, trans women and cis women alike, equally.

The beauty of Boy Meets Girl is that it's a truly human story. None of these characters are perfect, but they are instantly likeable and relatable as they all explore and contemplate LGBT and straight sexuality, cisgender and transgender, and relationships. You can't help but love all the characters, not only for what makes them wonderful, but for also what makes them flawed. The acting may not be the most amazing that you'll ever see, but you forgive and forget that because of how genuine and honest they are, brimming with pure emotion. And you can't really take your eyes off of trans actress, Michelle Hendley, who was hired to play Ricky with little to no acting experience, and Michael Welch. The sex scenes between Ricky and Francsca and Ricky and Michael are tame, but still very much sexy, passionate, and beautiful. I was very impressed with how transphobia was handled here in such a way that I don't want to give away how they do it, but it was so right, such as this movie is.

Boy Meets Girl is another shining example of how credible and authentic a trans story is when it's acted through the perspective of an actual trans woman and how powerful it is when the story doesn't hinge on a character's gender identity, but focuses as much if not more on her heart - her wants, her needs, her desires, and her dreams. And there's a story here that's chock full of so many surprises that after the end, you crave for more. Boy Meets Girl is truly that special and moving. 

** This is currently on Netflix **

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