Friday, January 1, 2016

Rest In Power, Natalie Cole

When I first heard this news, my heart sunk to my toes.

Natalie Cole was more than the daughter of music legend/icon, Nat King Cole.

She was a singer, a star, and an icon in her own right. I feel like I've had these albums forever. I've listened to all of Natalie's albums, but these three are my favorite.

#1 Unforgettable

There still is no other album like this one. It's still unique, special, and...unforgettable.

#2 Stardust

This one I always cherished because as she always did, she sang the jazz standards and made them her own. This one just has that extra dash of stardust to make it extra glittery and magical.

#3 Ask A Woman Who Knows

This was her "comeback" album back in the day. Her true to form.

Also - her cover of one of my favorite songs, "Calling You," is moving, something very special.

Natalie Cole was also a mother, a sister, and a friend to so many.

Even though I didn't know her personally, I didn't really have to, none of us did. We respected her, we loved her, as if she was our friend, our sister, and our mother too.

What a voice, what a talent, and what a woman that we have lost far too soon, at only the age of 65.

She fought so many battles. Her autobiography and the movie based off her book (that she also stars in) candidly shows that Natalie Cole, above all, was a survivor.

Rest In Power, Natalie Cole. Loving you is forever. You will always be Unforgettable. We Miss You Like Crazy already.


  1. Like you my stomach sank to my feet when I heard this. She and the late Minnie Riperton were the soundtrack of my college years. So sad