Monday, January 4, 2016

Slay Jaden, Slay

There's a new model in a new Louis Vuitton ad campaign for women's wear, and that model is...

Jaden Smith!

This is not necessarily the biggest news of the century or anything that a male model is sporting "women's wear." It has been done before. Men donning "women's clothes" is nothing new. But...

Any time this happens on a more mainstream scale, it's a big deal. It matters.

Jaden Smith is my hero. By him doing this, it shines light on the existence of gender fluidity in men (even in black men, who knew, right?) and breaks down the gender binary by saying:

Clothes are just clothes and gendering them is stupid.

Plus isn't it cool that a "women's wear" ad also includes men? The inclusivity is killing me.

Slay Jaden, slay.