Thursday, February 25, 2016

David Bowie Tribute: At The BRITs

THIS is how a Bowie tribute is done.
It wasn't a Las Vegas show. It wasn't about anyone on that stage. The spotlight was only about Bowie, about the man and his music. This tribute was humble, modest, poignant, and simple, hosted by the people that David knew, worked with, loved, and admired. 
The BRITs did everything right with this. It was perfect.

Bravo to them all and to the Brit Awards for giving David the tribute that he deserved.


  1. So nice that it wasn't the Chuck E Cheese band playing but an actual, real tribute! ;)

  2. It was a fitting tribute to a gracious man.

    1. I've been watching it over and over again. It was so beautiful and so right.