Sunday, February 21, 2016

"I Am A DJ, I Am What I Play!"

That was David Bowie in May 1979 when he did a radio show, playing some of his favorite records.

Such a charming set, isn't it?

Love Street - The Doors
TV Eye - Iggy Pop
Remember - John Lennon
96 Tears - ? & The Mysterians
The Nursery Suite (extract) - Elgar
Inchworm - Danny Kaye
Trial Prison - Philip Glass
Sweet Jane - The Velvet Underground
Helen Fordsdale - Mars
He's My Star - Little Richard
21st Century Schizoid Man - King Crimson
Warning Sign - Talking Heads
Beck's Bolero - Jeff Beck
Try Some, Buy Some - Ronnie Spector
20th Century Boy - Marc Bolan
Where Were You? - The Mekons
Big City Cat - Steve Forbert
We Love You - The Rolling Stones
2HB - Roxy Music
It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City - Bruce Springsteen
Fingertips - Stevie Wonder
Rip Her To Shreds - Blondie
Beautiful Loser - Bob Seger
Boys Keep Swinging - David Bowie
Yassassin - David Bowie
Book I Read - Talking Heads
For Your Pleasure - Roxy Music
Something On Your Mind - King Curtis
Lies - The Staple Singers

David Bowie fans that I've met since David's passing have been so awesome in sending me gems like this. Merci beaucoup to the wonderful man that sent me this - James Rage, xoxo.