Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Legacy of Legacies

Six weeks since David Bowie's passing, and there have been so many article tributes that it's almost dizzying to keep up with them. I've shared most of the best on my social networks, but this article that Iman herself shared on her page, I had to share here because of how beautiful this was written.

David left behind so many legacies. One of them was Bowie Bonds. 

There's a life lesson here from Bowie to everyone.

"David Bowie’s well-planned trust and estate plan should serve as a lesson for everyone else. Take my advice, follow Bowie’s lead – plan ahead and don’t be afraid to be different — like the young bloke from Brixton. Whether you’re a downtown denizen or from a suburban town, get your Bowie on – create something special, preserve it and transfer it to your loved ones. Much love. I will miss you deeply, David." - Mark Martiak

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