Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The (Literal) Art of Collaboration

Björk, as usual, has a way of spoiling us, not only with her work, but the art behind the making of them. She doesn't give us a behind-the-scenes look into the making of her music videos that often, so when she does, it's as much a visual treat for the eyes as it is also for the heart.

Black Lake as how it was seen at the MoMA retrospect.

It feels like just yesterday that I saw this exhibit in person, where in that very unique and special theater, there were two opposites screens at the front of you and behind you, and each screen was a different perspective/point of view. Now, for the first time, two of the screens are in one place. It's  extraordinary seeing it in this format, where we can truly see the differences and the synchronicity.

And the concept art work behind Black Lake? Stunning. Gorgeous. Breathtaking.

This is the genius of Björk and Andrew Thomas Huang, the unity of two brilliant minds:

In the exclusive interview with The Creators Project, which is also as much of a treat as the behind-the-scenes look of the music video itself, I loved how Björk glowed about Andrew:

“I'm blessed with being connected to someone that talented, who not only can take on the emotional and the old school filmic element of things but is also incredibly savvy technically and always with the finger on the pulse when it comes to new gadgets. He is also one of those incredibly flexible, creative people who can take all my ideas and weave them into his own and his whole vision. Doesn’t have unnecessary ego getting in his way…”

Her mention of the "unnecessary ego" was gold. Yet again, she reminds us that yes: ego is unnecessary. One's talent is enough. And furthermore, as always in such warm Björk fashion, she reminds us that in art making as also in life, nobody should be working for anybody.

We should be working together.


  1. That video was fascinating! Wish I could see the finished product!

    1. It's here!

      Black Lake Music Video:


      Original Two Screen from MOMA:


      The Exhibit:


      - Sadly no film/showing of the experience of seeing Black Lake in that special theater!

      Moving Album Cover:


    2. Thank you! I love that blue magma imagery from the music video. And seeing her close up her wound in the moving album cover is such an emotion-invoking experience <3

    3. No problem! And here was the original MoMA trailer. This is where you can see what he meant about their original idea for the music video with the blue lava slithering through her body, but why once they were in Iceland filming, they decided to let Iceland and Bjork be the special effects, without anything extra. Very smart move! Stunning trailer :D.


    4. Oh, yeah. Great trailer, and it leads perfectly into what ended up being the full video.