Thursday, March 24, 2016

"All Lives Matter"

I've shared this image a few times on my Twitter when it comes to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and I keep on sharing once in a while as a reminder of what the movement is about at the core of it:

What I find most interesting is this:

Where were these "all lives matter" people BEFORE black people started caring about their own?

Nobody cared about "all lives matter" until black people and their allies cared about their lives and black lives.

"All lives matter" : let's get real here, it's just a passive aggressive way of somebody saying: "I don't like black people." It's micro-aggressive. Most people, on average, who say "all lives matter" are missing the point, that is if they are even listening to the point, let alone caring about the message.

No one has to agree with it, but to not see the point that is made so loud and clear?

Saying "Black Lives Matter" is not the same as saying "no other lives matter other than black people." This isn't about black supremacy. This is about an issue that is happening RIGHT NOW, that is mostly only happening to black people, and nothing is being done about it to stop the injustice towards this one group of people. We have this movement for a reason. It's not only for our health.

It's because we're still silenced.

That's anyone's choice to not care, to not listen, to not see things as they are, but then...what's the point in taking part in the discussion?  How is saying "all lives matter" conducive to anything? What are the "all lives matter" people actually doing to support this "cause" of theirs about "all lives" mattering? If they truly believe that "all lives matter," then why is it that they're so dismissive about black lives and only want to silence black voices when they're talking about #BlackLivesMatter?

They can't have it both ways.

If "all lives matter," then so do the black lives too. 

Again, let's get real here: people who respond with "all lives matter" are, if not racist (not EVERYONE who says "All lives matter" necessarily are racist), they are ignorant. But more than likely, most of them are racist. "All lives matter" to them. Except for the black ones. And that's that.

Yes, all lives do matter, but...again...THIS IS THE POINT:


  1. Yeah the whole "all lives matter thing" is basically an erasure of the current issues of enduring racism. People who jump on that bandwagon are either out of touch, or they're racist.

    1. Exactly! Not only erasure, but they're silencing the people on top of that. Not cool. I'd rather see those types own their racism or own their ignorance of the subject instead of saying "all lives matter" which is basically them trying to passive aggressively disguise that.