Saturday, March 5, 2016

Iman Is Where The Heart Is

Everybody knows Iman as the first international/mainstream African supermodel and the wife/widow of David Bowie. Not that this is a bad thing, but Iman was and still is more than just her beauty and being "Mrs. Bowie." She's a legendary pioneer for racial inclusivity in the fashion industry that to this day still doesn't accept people of color (not only black people, but all people of color from Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Middle Eastern, mixed races/multi-racial, etc.) as beautiful and "model material." Iman was the first to market a brand of cosmetics for the skin tones of people of color, being the CEO/founder of Iman Cosmetics. She's a firm believer of so many things, most of all: of her African/Somalian background, culture, and heritage and of being a refugee, all which she is so proud of and shines so dearly and humbly. And she's a global ambassador of Keep A Child Alive.

Even beyond all that, Iman's wisdom about her career, racism, privilege, beauty, love and marriage, and life in general, is something truly extraordinary to hear. It's especially amazing to watch.

"I wasn't discovered because I was not lost." 

 "Don't wait for the job to come to you. You create the job."

Here she talks about growing up in Somalia, about politics from the United Nations to the fashion industry, about modeling and acting, the terrible accident that damaged her face and required plastic surgery to repair, and how and why she created Iman Cosmetics after her and David's honeymoon:

I can't stand Wendy Williams, but I loved her interview with Iman!

Iman gives us insight into her business lifestyle and into her 20 years of being married to David, and how they've made their marriage work after all those years at the time:

Like the other interviews, Iman talks openly about the distorted perception of how the world/media first viewed her as an African model and how as an African model, she was given a "free pass" because of how "regal" she is while other black models don't have that same privilege as she does.

"There was a myth behind me...the vision they had in their head was not what they saw."

Iman's sharp intelligence, adorable sense of humor, frank honesty, and empowering positivity still rocks my world and inspires so many. Every time she speaks, it feels like home.

Iman is where the heart is. 

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