Sunday, March 27, 2016

It's Not Just North Carolina...

This week, something completely disturbing happened in this nation. When it happens in one state, it can very well mean that it can happen in so many others. This is not what America is made of:

I don't have to live in NC or in any of these orange states to let this affect me. As trans, this does affect me, and this affects every trans person, no matter where we are. We don't go into a public bathroom based on our genitals. It's based on our heart. And we go just to do our business and leave, like everyone else, it's not as if we want to be in there longer than necessary. 5 minutes tops is the most we spend in there, that we share in this space with others, just 5 minutes, for a lifetime of this pain?The heart of this hate here is not even about bathrooms and who is in it. This is transphobia, a loud, shameless, and cruelest of kind. And this is about these states taking control of a situation that doesn't exist, and worst of all, it's about them using a bill to decide who is human, and who should be treated less than human. I can't believe a person, let alone a whole state, can sleep peacefully at night with a bill like this. It's criminal.

None of this is necessary. And neither is the transphobia.

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