Monday, March 14, 2016

No Plan

David Bowie News is one of my favorite David Bowie community pages on Facebook. Not only do they share the latest and greatest David Bowie news, but every day is a trip down David Bowie lane with every post that they share, that's all for the love of David, even more so since his passing.

I'm oh so thankful for them, for sharing this.

I remember this song from Lazarus (one of the three unreleased tracks) as if it was yesterday. Listening to this now, I'm immediately taken back there. At the time, nobody knew what the future would be, even though it was right in front of us. David was telling us right here in this moment too, in this song.

"Here there's no music here
I'm lost in streams of sound
Here. Am I nowhere now?
No plan
Wherever I may go, just where...
Just there, I am all of the things that are my life
My desires, my beliefs, my moods,
Here is my place without a plan

Here, 2nd Avenue, just out of you
Is no traffic here?
No plan
All the things that are my life
My moods, my beliefs, my desires,
Nothing to regret
This is no place
But here I am
This is not quite yet!"

All the unreleased tracks were beautiful, but this one, especially so. It stayed with me long since I heard it live. I was moved by the lyrics, but not knowing what is now.

Now...this just makes me cry. 

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