Monday, March 7, 2016

What Most People See/What I See

The labels are general.

Who we are and our personal experiences gives them layers, depth, and complexities.

There's more to all of us than just the general definition of LGBT. That's why I firmly believe that we need to stop expecting everyone to be the same, and instead be more open and accepting of how everyone defines themselves in their own unique way. No two gay people are the same. No two lesbian people are the same. No two trans people are the same. No two bi people are the same. Not one lesbian, trans, gay, or bisexual person speaks for everyone. Everyone's different. We can only speak for ourselves. But in doing this, it's not only about gaining more self-understanding, but also realizing that as a community, with our similarities, there are our differences, and that in our differences, there are our similarities. Everyone's voices and perspectives are valid, and because they will all be so unique and varied by nature, it's next to impossible for one voice to be THE one.

That's okay. That's beautiful. That's a reflection of our world - and our freedom - smiling back at us.

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