Thursday, April 7, 2016

Black Out: Rest In Peace, Dennis Davis

What's going on?

Since David's passing, some of those closest to him have passed on within weeks or months apart from each other. First Teddy Antolin, David and Iman's hairdresser, friend, and matchmaker, then Iman's mother, Marian Abdulmajid, and now David's longtime drummer, Dennis Davis.

I know this is just a part of life. It may all just be a coincidence. But this is still very eerie.

Tony Visconti had these touching, beautiful words to say about Dennis and his work with David:

"He was one of the most creative drummers I have ever worked with. He came into David Bowie's life when we recorded some extra tracks for Young Americans and stayed with us through Scary Monsters and beyond. He was a disciplined jazz drummer who tore into Rock with a Jazz sensibility. Listen to the drum breaks on Black Out from the Heroes album. He had a conga drum as part of his set up and he made it sound like two musicians were playing drums and congas. By Scary Monsters he was playing parts that were unthinkable but they fit in so perfectly. His sense of humor was wonderful. As an ex member of the US Air Force he told us stories of seeing a crashed UFO first hand by accidentally walking through an unauthorized hanger. There will never be another drummer, human being and friend like Dennis, a magical man."

And Earl Slick, David's longtime guitarist who has also worked with John Lennon as well, said this:

"My condolences to the family of drummer Dennis Davis.

He finally lost his long battle with cancer earlier today.

his amazing drumming was rivaled only by his amazing sense of humor , and the most infectious smile i have ever experienced . as a drummer he played some of the most iconic OF DBs albums , including Station to Station. In a twist of fate he was a major influence and mentor of drummer Sterling Campbell who eventually became DBs drummer . sterling then kindly passed this along to my son derummer@Lee John by spending time with him and teaching him the ropes.
Thank you Dennis for all you gave , as a great friend and musician . R.I.P. ES"

Gail Ann Dorsey's (David's favorite bass player and one kick ass woman) tribute touched me most:

"Sterling Campbell called me this morning to inform me that we had lost yet another member of the David Bowie musical family, drummer Dennis Davis. Although Dennis was well before my time in the Bowie line up, I had the great honour and pleasure of getting to meet him during my early years with David, and prior to that, like the rest of the world, the pleasure and privilege of listening to and enjoying his most exceptional musical talents… In my humble (and perhaps ill-informed, so please forgive me if that is the case) opinion, Dennis has been disappointingly over-looked and not nearly as recognized and highly regarded as some of his peers, for the uniqueness, creativeness, and sensitivity that he brought to some of Bowie’s most iconic and brilliant works, few drummers, if any, could ever surpass.

Yes, it’s hard not to feel pretty bummed out these days... Folks my age or older are being forced to recognize the reality that we are in the final chapters of our story as opposed to the early ones. I think it best we remember that we are still the writers of our story, and although we know that it will eventually have to have an ending, we can still make the plot, theme, characters, and events as joyful, vibrant, and enlightening as we wish them to be.

Personally, I am now going to pull out my Bowie albums and crank my favourite Dennis Davis moments to the heavens! If you will, do the same, and join me in appreciation and celebration for one of Bowie’s brightest collaborators, and a great contributor to the world of popular music… Rest In Peace, Dear Dennis. We Love You, Man..."

Dennis Davis contributed so much to music. With David, his remarkable drumming talents will live on forever in the legendary "Berlin Trilogy" and Scary Monsters: 

The best tribute of all was from David's son, Duncan: 

Rest In Peace / Rest In Power, Mr. Davis and Mr. Bowie. 

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