Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fashion! Turn To The Left. Fashion! Turn To The Right.

One of my new favorite exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is the intriguing Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology exhibit, where more than 100 examples of haute coture and avant-garde ready-to-wear fashion from the 1880s to 2016. Technology's impact on fashion is the heart of this exhibit - it's more than just about fashion. This exhibit is about wearable art - art that has been handmade as well as machine-made in all their intricate, complex, and detailed glory.

Manus x Machina displayed the art/fashion of:

Maiko Takeda

Her fashion has been worn by Bjork for the Vulnicura cover art as well as for the tour:

Christian Dior

Alexander McQueen


Louis Vuitton

Yves Saint Laurent

Iris Van Herpen

What's creepy and yet cool about this dress is that those are real bird skulls.

Mariano Fortuny


These dresses are 3D printed!

House of Givenchy

Christopher Kane

This flower diagram dress is ADORABLE - and it's also cool that the diagram is also, from the designer's POV, describing not only the anatomy of a flower but the anatomy of the vagina.

 House of Balenciaga

These dresses date back from the 1920s!

The oldest dress in this exhibit/collection is an Irish wedding dress, from 1870. Designer unknown.

To the far right is another Alexander McQueen piece (an outfit designed for a Madame Spider Man!) and Iris van Herpen.

This wasn't all that this exhibit had, of course. But these were the pieces that caught my eye and because I've long been admirers of these fashion designers and their work. These pictures aren't the greatest, I know. And honestly, even if I had a better camera, I don't think any picture, not even the ones printed in the book dedicated to this exhibit, truly do any justice to how these fashions look in person. The drama, the extravagance, the elegance! So over the top, and yet...this is all very wearable.

This is true blue fashion in every sense of the word, and the art.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Free The Nipple

The double standard is alive and well, even on national TV.

I was watching one of my favorite shows called Botched where it focuses on patients who have gone through botched surgeries and are there to see Dr. Nassif and Dr. DuBrow to correct the devastating damage(s) that was done to them. Mostly, they have inspiring patients on this show who want and really need plastic surgery. But once in a while, for entertainment value and ratings of course, they'd have somebody on the show who are there just for attention, where Dr. Nassif and Dr. DuBrow wouldn't dare taking them on as a client, but hey, why not let them have their 15 minutes?

I don't mind that, really. I mean, I get it. But this guy...

(Photo Credit: Sha Perry, @perrysha27)

He got breast implants as part of a bet, where if he got them, he'd get $100K dollars.

Yes, this guy's for real.

And what else is for real is that, as you can see, they did NOT pixelate his breasts! With their female patients, they ALWAYS pixelate their breasts. But this guy gets a free pass, because...???

I wasn't the only one who was so confused and annoyed by this:

Only in America will somebody with so much privilege and money would resort to doing this.

I mean, this guy represents a very small number of people who'd go this far for attention and for money, but still...the issue isn't even with this guy, to each their own. But the double standard...

I just can't. If one lesson was learned from this...well....we already know...