Friday, May 13, 2016

Finally, It's About Us

It all started with this:

And let me tell you, I was in tears, that at last, FINALLY, somebody in our government is talking about us, speaking directly at us, about our right to be safe and protected by our country. This is more than historic, this is pretty much life affirming, because at last, trans people do matter in the eyes of our government, and that loudly and proudly, openly, publicly, they're on our side.

I can't thank Loretta Lynch enough for what she has done...

And now, as of today, the Obama Administration has implemented a new federal guidance for public schools all over the USA to follow, where they by law have to protect the safety, privacy, and welfare of their transgender students, and that they have to let them use the bathroom that matches their gender. This is a pretty big and historic win and makes me even prouder of all the progress.

It's about time. This has gone on long enough, so many schools creating so much drama over something that really shouldn't be an issue and isn't an actual issue. Respect trans students. Respect their gender identity. If they won't, at least the Obama Administration does.

What amazes me is how the states who are so threatened by this federal guidance to protect transgender students from harassment and discrimination are not thinking about what this is really about: the children. This is not about their transphobia. This is about their students, about protect these transgender children, so they, too, can go into school and be protected the same way as all the other children at school. Not every state has to or will agree with this, but when they're being transphobic, it's not about them. It's about the children, and they're basically saying that they don't deserve protection. And that's not only wrong, but criminal.

This is just the beginning of what is yet to come, but I love it. I love seeing the dialogue going on national news stations about this. Even if a lot of "experts" speaking on it clearly don't know anything about trans issues and can't even get the pronoun usage right, at least there's that open dialogue that we haven't really seen before, at least not like this, not about a trans celebrity, but about every day trans people and every day trans issues and how we're affected by the transphobia that's heavy in this nation. There's still so much that people really need to actually do their research on before talking about it. It's not enough to have an opinion. That opinion has to be based on facts too, not just on emotion, not just on "entitlement." Less on that, and more on enlightenment, which can only be gained by research and knowledge. I believe things will get better, but it has to start with us.

For now, again, finally. It's about us.

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