Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Free The Nipple

The double standard is alive and well, even on national TV.

I was watching one of my favorite shows called Botched where it focuses on patients who have gone through botched surgeries and are there to see Dr. Nassif and Dr. DuBrow to correct the devastating damage(s) that was done to them. Mostly, they have inspiring patients on this show who want and really need plastic surgery. But once in a while, for entertainment value and ratings of course, they'd have somebody on the show who are there just for attention, where Dr. Nassif and Dr. DuBrow wouldn't dare taking them on as a client, but hey, why not let them have their 15 minutes?

I don't mind that, really. I mean, I get it. But this guy...

(Photo Credit: Sha Perry, @perrysha27)

He got breast implants as part of a bet, where if he got them, he'd get $100K dollars.

Yes, this guy's for real.

And what else is for real is that, as you can see, they did NOT pixelate his breasts! With their female patients, they ALWAYS pixelate their breasts. But this guy gets a free pass, because...???

I wasn't the only one who was so confused and annoyed by this:

Only in America will somebody with so much privilege and money would resort to doing this.

I mean, this guy represents a very small number of people who'd go this far for attention and for money, but still...the issue isn't even with this guy, to each their own. But the double standard...

I just can't. If one lesson was learned from this...well....we already know...

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