Friday, May 13, 2016

The Watchman: Racist McShootface

When I first saw this username trending on Twitter, I was like..."What?"

I thought it was about something bad, like as bad as how yesterday, George Zimmerman put his gun that he used to kill Trayvon Martin, having the gall to call it "a piece of American history," onto online auction. I thought Racist McShootface was another bigot that's getting worldwide attention for his ignorance. Until...I read about them and was completely surprised in the best possible way.

George Zimmerman was turned down not only once, but twice. The man doesn't have a heart, but the bidding sites did. They pulled the gun from their sites within minutes of its posting. So George Zimmerman tried again for the third time, and...this happens. Zimmerman got trolled! And by Racist McShootface doing this, it halts the bidding, practically breaking it and stopping it all together.

The unsung heroes of the internet and the world: anonymous hackers/GhostSec who thwart terrorist attacks and trolls like Racist McShootface.

I never would have thought a name like that would restore some faith in humanity!

Racist McShootface is one of those rare examples of how trolling, when done the right way, can do so much good.

Now, I'll say this, what other people have said: George Zimmerman has every right to sell his gun. It's his property. By law, he has every right to sell it, BUT...any gun bidding sites have every right as well to remove it from their site. Our rights are not a one-way street. When something's wrong, it is wrong, and though Zimmerman has his rights, what he's doing, the principal of it, is very wrong.

The gun bidding sites and Racist McShootface: thank you. Thank you for doing everything right.

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