Tuesday, June 7, 2016

"A Kind of Western Tarot": Cut-Ups / Découpé #2 + Découpé #3

From Découpé #1-2...

On to Découpé #3!

As you can see, this cut-up is wordy and condensed. It was a lot to fit into this index card, squeezing as much into such a small space as I can, but I did it!

So far, doing these cut-ups have been very fun and interesting. It's like doing a puzzle, piecing together what was already created into a brand new creation that is similar, and yet very different, from the original text. And every word is chosen by random, I just pull them from this bag:

Simple and so exciting, because I have no idea what these cut-ups will come up with next.

Cut-ups is like a game of chance. Letting things (words) fall into place.

Three cut-ups done, many more to go!