Monday, June 13, 2016

An Unthinkable Tragedy: Pulse Nightclub

I, like so many others, have expressed our most heartfelt condolences on a most unthinkable tragedy that happened in Orlando, Florida, at Pulse Nightclub. All day, with each passing hour, I heard from so many friends who have lost their friends, family, and partners at Pulse Nightclub, from the most unthinkable tragedy. Nothing like this has happened at a gay night club before, not targeted like this.

This is earth shattering. These night clubs are practically a second home for many of us in the community, where it's the one of few places where we're accepted and where we belong in the face of everyone who's there. A part of that safety and innocence is lost now, there's no denying that. This hits close to home. This is personal. And it hurts. But what hasn't been taken from us is love.

It's okay to feel angry, though. As long as we don't stoop down to the level of the man, of any man, who took the lives of so many beautiful souls from us. This could have happened to any of us. This could have happened at any gay bar in the country. But it had to happen to them. My heart breaks.

But love will always win.

After all that has happened this weekend, sometimes, it just takes one word to sum up everything.

We need to love one another more than ever before.

For Pulse. For Orlando. For ourselves. For each other. For the world. Love is love.

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