Wednesday, June 29, 2016


#‎HeterosexualPrideDay was the hottest topic on Twitter today, even trending on Facebook. 

Now, I think more than likely, this was a joke. BUT..

What fiery debates it started, and it boils down to this: 

And the fact that by being straight, nobody has anything to lose.

Nobody is legally discriminated from getting proper health insurance, fired from their jobs, forced to be homeless, and are murdered just for being straight. If only being LGBT was only about sex. Then we wouldn't have to worry about our basic human rights, because we'd already have them.

Of course, this attracted A LOT of bigots, trolls, and homophobes, who entirely missed the point.

Nobody said that there's anything wrong with being proud of yourself, or being proud of being straight even. That's not what this is about. Gay Pride exists for a reason.

There's no reason for a Straight Pride to exist. Absolutely none.

If anything, I'd wave a flag for straight men who date trans women, who are out and proud about dating them despite how their sexuality is questioned, stigmatized, discredited, and so forth, just because they're dating a woman who is not cisgender. The more straight men who are proudly dating trans women openly, the less of a reason for more trans women to get murdered because of their fear, their transphobia. I wave a flag to them, because for dating people like us, not only are they free, but so are we. 

But Heterosexual Pride Day isn't about trans people, or about straight people who date trans people. It's only about the trolls who are trying to silence LGBT pride, and LGBT voices, by making it about them so it's no longer about us. And that's not cool.

To want a Straight Pride is a privilege, not a need.

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